Hawaiian Winter Heat

Hawaiian Winter Heat
This is a bisexual interracial erotic romance with one woman and two men. Anna is thinking about breaking up with Christopher when she meets a handsome stranger at the beach. Christopher can't stop thinking about the past and the lover he left behind. Keoni helps a woman at the beach and doesn't want to stay away from her. Three lives collide and the past is revealed, the present is painful, and the future is unknown. Emotions run high and the sex is smoking. Can they get past their pain to find true love?
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About the Book

Anna is about to leave Christopher, her boyfriend of three years. Never mind that she moved to an island in the middle of the sea to be with him. She loves Hawaii, but she isn’t sure she still loves Christopher. If she doesn’t figure it out soon, Christmas this year is going to suck.

Christopher has been living the life of a straight man for three years. He loves Anna and thought he could build a life with her. He might have been able to if he hadn’t come back to Hawaii. Memories of his sexy Hawaiian lover haunt him and his heart aches to see him again.

His lover left him five years ago, and Keoni’s heart still hasn’t fully healed. No one catches his attention until he meets a beautiful woman named Anna at the beach. She tells him she has a boyfriend named Christopher.

An old enemy surfaces and Anna goes missing on Christmas Eve. To get her back, the men must put the past behind them long enough to find her.

Fate intervenes, and three lives collide; emotions run high, and the sex is smoking. Each of them must play their part in revealing the past, healing the present, and deciding on the future.

Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Menage
Length: 130 pages
List Price: 2.99
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