I’ll Never Forget You

I’ll Never Forget You
Celeste is in love with an incubus accused of committing horrible crimes. She’s not sure he’s innocent, but she doesn’t want him to die. What happens to him instead is worse and she vows to get him out. Tanner is her mate, but not even he believes it. How far will she go to save him?
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Sex, Lies and Betrayal. Celeste’s whole life seems to be about those three things. Her sister is a succubus, but Celeste is human. She knows that finding a mate is something most sex demons never do, but she’s found hers. She’s in love with an incubus, and she knows Tanner is her mate, but no one believes her, not even Tanner.
When reports of unthinkable crimes surface, Tanner is accused, and she begs for his life. She gets her wish, but there is a price. Tanner is being sent to where she will never see him again.
She vows to get him released. She doesn’t see how until she meets someone that is considered an enemy. He gives her hope of saving Tanner, but she must make a choice. How far will she go to save her mate?

I’ll Never Forget You is part of the erotic paranormal romance Sex Demon Series by Nanea Knott. Check inside for a special offer on the first hot book in the series Remember Me.

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NFU review

Series: Sex Demon Series, Book 0.5
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: short story
ASIN: B013NWF948
List Price: 0.00
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