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Hear the descriptions read by the author.

Have you ever wondered what the voice of the author sounds like? Here's your chance to find out.  Just click on the play button and listen while I read the book description to you.  I was having some fun and I hope you enjoy it.  MP3 format only.

Sex Demon Series

Paranormal Erotic Romance

Nanea reads the description for I'll Never Forget You.

Book Description

I’ll Never Forget You is a short story prequel of the erotic paranormal romance Sex Demon Series by Nanea Knott.

Celeste’s life seems to be centered around three things, sex, lies, and betrayal. She is a human in love with a incubus. She knows all about sex demons, her sister is one of them. Finding a mate is something most sex demons never do. Celeste believes with all her heart that she is Tanner’s mate, but no one believes her, not even Tanner.
When reports of unthinkable crimes surface, Tanner is accused of them, and to save him she begs for his life. She gets her wish, but there is a price. Tanner is sent to where she will never see him again.
She‘s not sure of his innocence but vows to set him free. She doesn’t know how until she meets someone who offers to help. She’s not sure she can trust her new friend, he’s an enemy, but what choice does she have? Celeste must decide, how far will she go to save her mate?


This short story is not available at this time.

Nanea reads the description for Remember Me.

Book Description

Sex is what a succubus lives for and Willow Harris is made for sex. She lives her life going from partner to partner in order to live. The hormones, the sweat, and every labored breath of her lover is what gives her life. Once she is done with him, he will forget her. The only one who will ever remember is her mate. Detective Greg Stewart is a human police officer looking for the real thing. He’s determined not to let a pretty face bring him to his knees. His resolve shatters when he sees the beautiful Willow standing in the rain. He’s been assigned to a car accident that wasn’t an accident. Willow’s friend was targeted and Greg’s job is to find out why. He’s drawn to Willow and does everything he can to be close to her. It’s a good thing he does. Willow is being stalked. Greg has many questions and goes to Willow for answers. She agrees to answer them firmly believing that all they share will be forgotten. When Willow disappears, Greg scrambles to find her before it’s too late to tell her he remembers everything. Remember Me is book one in the Sex Demon series.

Nanea reads the description for Unforgettable.

Book Description

A glance across the room of a golf course clubhouse leave two strangers longing to meet. A phone call would interrupt their plans
Later that day Dr. Kevin Nettle scrambled to the hospital to save a hit and run victim. He’s capable, dedicated and lost. Medicine was his whole life until he followed his colleague into the emergency room.
Succubus Shelly Graham is content to live her life as it’s always been despite the growing emptiness inside her. She doesn’t remember much about the car crash, only that she’s in pain and bleeding. Her only hope of healing is to feed.
The young doctor treats a beautiful patient astonished by her ability to heal. He wonders why and starts looking for answers.
When he finds it, he also finds trouble. There are factions at war and he and Shelly must find a way to save one another before the secret battle kills them both.

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