Musings of a manic mind

Dreams. They’re funny things. They can be inspiring, motivating and terrifying. When I’m writing, like most writers, I get into the “zone” and the entire world falls away. It’s falling so deeply into your own head you’ve slipped into an alternate universe. One where nothing happens unless you say so. Nothing moves, no one breathes. All life revolves around you. The world you create is yours alone until you share it. You open the door to the world and let others in and then you hope others will see what you see, feel what you feel. Creating a world means creating a perception, a filter through which all visitors will see the world. They come with their own filters that will determine how much of what you want them to see they’ll get. It’s fascinating to me to hear what others see in my books. Sometimes they get what I want them to get. Other times they see things in my writing that I never even knew was there. Parts of my personality slipping through the cracks with a word or a phrase. The wizard behind the curtain is showing and most find that interesting. Some ask if a character represents me in some way, Of course it does. We all have aspects of one another inside. We manifest different behaviors, but we can identify the best and the worst behaviors in ourselves if we only had the strength to acknowledge it. Are my characters exactly like me? No. If they were, the book would be boring. Who wants to read about a writer who spends most of their day staring at a monitor? If you could step inside my head, you would see so many wonderful and terrible things. Images of life and death merged together in a blur of light and sound. What else could I be but a writer?