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Quench is a light BDSM that has spanking in it. It’s for 18+ only and your shy about bad words, this is not the book for you. Here’s an excerpt.

“Never mind that, now that I’ve had the pleasure of paddling your fine ass. I want the privilege of getting on top of you and fucking you. My dick has been hard all night. I’ve been feeling your hot pussy clench on my fingers. I need to feel it on my cock.”
I loved his dirty words. They reminded me that I had a need he hadn’t met. If he took me home before that need was met, I would let him listen to me take care of it myself in the car on the way home.
Javier stood and turned towards me. “Get out of bed and undress me,” he said. I rolled off the bed careful of my sensitive bottom and began to unbutton his shirt. He was back to being strict, and I didn’t want to get scolded. I undid all the buttons at his wrists then pushed the shirt off his shoulders. I removed his shirt and laid it on the bed.
He was wearing an undershirt. I pulled it out from his pants and rolled it up his abdomen. I was too short to pull it over his head. He grasped the hem of the shirt and yanked it up and over his head and threw it on the bed. I went to work on undoing his belt and then his pants. I took his underwear down at the same time. I kneeled on the floor bringing his clothes as low to the floor as I could, allowing him to step out of them.
“Fold my clothes and put them next to yours,” he said. “Then come back and get on your knees again.”
I quickly did as he asked and sat on my ankles conscious of the ache in my butt.
“So beautiful in obedience,” he said leaning down to stroke the top of my hair. Javier leaned further down grabbing my arm encouraging me to stand. “Get back on the bed.”
I climbed on with hands and knees. I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me.
“Your ass is still my favorite color,” he said lightly touching my ass with the tip of his finger. “I may have to take you doggy style so I can see my handiwork while I’m fucking you.”